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Which Shutter Door is Best For You?

 by Alphonso Sirtle

There are as many styles of shutter doors for your home or business as there are styles of shutters for your windows. You can get shutter doors for decorative purposes to fit in with the rest of the shutters on your home. A common use for shutter doors is for security purposes at smaller retail stores. The type usually used in this situation is a rolling shutter door and it is often motorized to make the use of it easier. Another major use of shutter doors is in hurricane country to protect glass in the doors from the high winds of hurricanes. While shutter doors can be used solely for decorative purposes, this is not usually done. Read More...

Choosing the Right Style of Vinyl Exterior Shutters for your Home

 by Exterior Shutters

Choosing the right style exterior shutters for your home can be difficult. This article explains the styles of exterior window shutters that are available and points the way to a solution to this common question. Read More...

History Of Wood Shutters

 by Adam Peters

Wooden shutters can make a home look really cosy and welcoming. However there are some disadvantages to owning real wooden shutters so it would be worth considering faux wooden shutters instead. During the 1990s a new trend began to take hold in the United States, that of interior wooden shutters. This was a small part of a widespread increase in the use of window accessories in real wood. Unfortunately, wood shutters were on the high end of the price scale, so wood blinds became a viable alternative Read More...

Here's How To Choose Shutters

 by George M. Davidsberg

So, exactly what are plantation shutters?

Basically they are louvered interior shutters that cover the entire window. While being most often made from wood, modern materials including vinyl and PVC are also being used with increasing acceptance. Plantation shutters are hinged and may be opened or closed and latched.

Looking Through Exterior Shutters

 by Greg J. Hansward

Use your shutters wisely and they will protect you admirably. Look into the future before you decide Read More...

Why to Use Roller Shutter Motors

 by Alphonso Sirtle

There are many different styles of roller shutter motors to choose from. Many come with simple or complex remote controls to make the use of the roller shutter motors easier for you. If you have installed steel hurricane roller shutters in your parents house, having such a remote will make activating the shutters during a hurricane watch very simple for them. The use of rolling shutters for both storm protection and security has risen in recent years. Having a roller shutter motor to raise and lower the shutter on a day to day basis for security reasons is much easier than using a hand crank. Just lock up your building and use a remote control from outside to lower the shutter. Read More...

An Introduction To The Diverse World Of Mini Blinds For Your Home

 by Gregg Hall

Mini blinds have been a popular window treatment for a number of years and there is no sign of their popularity waning anytime soon. In addition to there being a large variety of styles of mini blinds the types of mechanisms used to open and close the blinds are equally diverse. Read More...

Window Shutters - Keeping the World at Bay with Style

 by Bill Healey

Window shutters can add a special touch to your home's exterior. Many houses use shutters more as accent pieces or adornments than as functional window covers. Read More...

All About The Window Blind

 by Elmo Kandel

Window blinds are coverings for windows, normally attached to the interior side. Window blinds refer to some device to hide from sight or to help reduce sunlight. There are several kinds of blinds, which are covered below. Read More...

Why Choose Faux Wood Shutters?

 by Vince T. Paxton

The article introduces faux wood as a potential alternative to traditional building materials. It outlines some of the advantages of faux wood over real wood. Read More...

Shutters - Beautiful, Practical, Perfect

 by Bailey

Any home, historic or modern, can be enhanced with the installation of window and door Shutters. Not only are they attractive, they're extremely practical too, and homeowners do have them fitted for a variety of reasons. Exterior and interior shutters will provide privacy, and virtually eliminate problems caused by 'overbearing' direct sunlight. Everybody loves the sunshine, but it can cause havoc with soft furnishings and make a room extremely uncomfortable on a hot summer's day. Shutters n... Read More...

Get Storm Protection With Exterior Shutters

 by Greg K. Hansward

Exterior shutters are a practical and attractive addition to your home. They're easy to install yourself, but you can also find a local dependable contractor to do it as well. Before you embark on this project, it's a good idea to understand the different types of shutters available to... Read More...
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