There are numerous reasons for adding exterior shutters to your home as part of a home improvement project, which can include changing the look and character of your property, stopping the light from getting in, keeping heat or cool air in, and providing storm protection for your windows.

It is quick and simple to fit exterior shutters yourself, or you can employ a professional for a reasonable price if you do not feel you can tackle the task yourself. Either way, you need to familiarize yourself with the variety of shutters available before you make a final purchase.

Bahama or Colonial shutters are a popular choice because they provide a degree of weather protection, as well as being very attractive and full of character. In addition they can keep warm air in during the winter, cool air in during the summer, and provide a certain amount of soundproofing. They also have interior controls for adjusting the slats, to let in more light or to provide more privacy.

Roll shutters are another style that provide a higher degree of soundproofing than Bahamas and also provide a certain amount of light control. These style shutters are easily operated from the interior but a hard to open from the exterior increasing their security against break-ins. Although very simple to fit, roll style shutters do not have the same aesthetic quality of Bahama shutters.

The final variety for discussion is storm shutters. These are particularly appropriate for homes built in climates where hurricanes are common and are usually found only in these areas. Storm shutters are manufactured from metals such as aluminum and steel to ensure your windows are protected from airborne debris during a storm. These robust shutters are usually operated and fastened closed from the outside. Storm shutters are simple to fit but are not a very attractive addition to the home. They are certainly designed for protection, safety and practicality, and not for their looks. In hurricane prone areas, their use is vital, but they can easily be removed and stored outside of hurricane season.

As you can see, the factors to consider when purchasing your exterior shutters extend beyond looks or style. You need to know what degree of insulation, soundproofing, privacy, safety and protection you will need before you decide on the most appropriate shutter.