Do you want real peace of mind, even when you're away from home for extended periods of time? Consider the around the clock protection and security offered by security shutters. Security shutters are a sure-fire way to protect your home and valuable possessions, and are more reliable than any alarm system both in protecting your possessions and deterring thieves.

Security shutters are practical for both commercial properties and homes. In place and locked, security shutters make it nearly impossible for intruders to enter. Additionally, they may help protect your premises from storm damage. Security shutters are available for many different kinds of applications, including windows, sliding glass doors, balconies, and screened-in enclosures. Security shutters protect your home or business against break-ins and vandalism. They can be made with no visible, pick-able outside locks, frustrating even the most advanced burglars.

In addition to protecting your home or business from thieves, security shutters can keep your property safe from inclement weather. Imagine a severe storm—a storm so severe that debris is being flung about dangerously by the wind. This debris can shatter a window, but will bounce harmlessly off a security shutter. Security shutters guard against the most damaging forms of wind damage as well. Hurricanes and tornados, with their incredibly powerful winds, can rip the roof right off a building when a window is breached. Security shutters designed to resist such winds can assure you of maximum protection from this danger. Security shutters protect your carpeting, furniture and draperies from damaging ultraviolet rays while you are away for long periods of time.

Security shutters also save energy, and thus save you money. They form an insulating dead-air barrier that dramatically improves the "R Factor" of your windows and doors, even as much as 64 percent. The added insulating capacity, obviously, can reduce you heating and cooling costs. If used properly, security shutters could conceivably save you as much as $48 on every $100 you are currently paying for heating and cooling.

Typically, security shutters are designed to roll up and out of the way. They tend to be made sturdily, often from steel, and resist not only thieves but storms, wind, wind-driven rain, and even hurricane-force winds. Security shutters can be made to be virtually impenetrable. They can provide a physical barrier against any kind of forced entry, and will deter intruders while protecting windows and doors against breakage.

Security shutters can be motorized and even automated. As such, they can be sued with remote controls, timers and sensors. They can even be controlled by radio controls from a distance, much like your garage door. The shutters can even be equipped with wind and rain sensors, which will automatically set your security shutters into position in response to inclement weather, even when you are thousands of miles away.

Not only will security shutters protect your home from inclement weather and intruders, they will, if used properly, save you money on your energy bills. Thus, security shutters are worth considering for your home as well as business, as they add value to your home.