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Curtains and Drapes

Drapes - An Overview of Popular Styles

 by Pat Michael

All homes have windows, and most are decorated with some sort of window treatment. People have different reasons for choosing a particular treatment, such as privacy, insulation or just decoration. There are many different styles of drapes to choose from as well. Some of the most popular styles include door panel, country kitchen, pinch pleated and thermal drapes. Read More...

Curtains and Drapes

Treat Your Window Right: Will You Choose Curtains, Drapery, Shades, Blinds or Shutters for Your Home?

 by Business Local Listings

Whether you are asking a specialist to do the interior design for your home in Tampa or you have chosen to do it yourself, you cannot avoid the task of deciding on the appropriate window treatment for each room. You cannot just leave your windows bare in our Tampa weather. Read More...

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Vinyl Mini Blinds - A Cheap Alternative To Expensive Drapes

 by Peter Crump

Vinyl mini blinds can look as good as fabric, but at a lower cost and without the maintenance Read More...

Mini Blinds Window Blinds Curtains and Drapes

Which Came First - Curtains or Drapes?

 by Barbara Tobiasz

Whatever room you wish to hang these in, there will always be a presence of style and flair... Read More...

Curtains and Drapes

How to Measure Your Windows for Window Drapes

 by garretlloyd

These days, a good number of people who want window drapes and curtains are shopping online. Remember to measure each window separately even though these appear to be of the same size. Read More...

Curtains and Drapes

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