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Choosing wood shutters can be challenging because of all of the different options available. Find lots of information about exterior wood shutters and interior wood shutters at Window-Shutters.us.

Hurricane Shutters

Consider Roll-Up Shutters For Hurricane Protection

 by Pat Michael

If you live in a hurricane prone area, or even in the surrounding areas where the winds can be just as violent, you need a better way than plywood to provide security for your structure and protect it from devastating damage. One of the most convenient ways to get this kind of security is by installing roll-up shutters. Read More...

Hurricane Shutters Rolling Shutters Selecting Exterior Shutters

Bermuda Shutters

 by daveclark

For their awesome look and varied decorative fabrication, these shutters are most preferred by the coastal and desert communities. They can be opened from the horizontal angle which ensures strong protection from the sunlight without affecting free air flow Read More...

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Which Shutter Door is Best For You?

 by Alphonso Sirtle

There are as many styles of shutter doors for your home or business as there are styles of shutters for your windows. You can get shutter doors for decorative purposes to fit in with the rest of the shutters on your home. A common use for shutter doors is for security purposes at smaller retail stores. The type usually used in this situation is a rolling shutter door and it is often motorized to make the use of it easier. Another major use of shutter doors is in hurricane country to protect glass in the doors from the high winds of hurricanes. While shutter doors can be used solely for decorative purposes, this is not usually done. Read More...

Hurricane Shutters Rolling Shutters Selecting Exterior Shutters

Why to Use Roller Shutter Motors

 by Alphonso Sirtle

There are many different styles of roller shutter motors to choose from. Many come with simple or complex remote controls to make the use of the roller shutter motors easier for you. If you have installed steel hurricane roller shutters in your parents house, having such a remote will make activating the shutters during a hurricane watch very simple for them. The use of rolling shutters for both storm protection and security has risen in recent years. Having a roller shutter motor to raise and lower the shutter on a day to day basis for security reasons is much easier than using a hand crank. Just lock up your building and use a remote control from outside to lower the shutter. Read More...

Hurricane Shutters Rolling Shutters Selecting Exterior Shutters

Outside Shutters

 by Alphonso Sirtle

Do you love the look of your house inside and out? Is there something that missing to give it that pop? Why not add the perfect outside shutters and transform the exterior? Read More...

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