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Mini Blinds

Vinyl Mini Blinds - A Cheap Alternative To Expensive Drapes

 by Peter Crump

Vinyl mini blinds can look as good as fabric, but at a lower cost and without the maintenance Read More...

Mini Blinds Window Blinds Curtains and Drapes

On Buying Mini Blind Hardware and Components

 by Ernesto Maitim

Mini blind hardware and components can be easily obtained if you happen to need them. Such blinds parts, like the whole product, are sold in many retail shops and hardware stores found in all US states. On the other hand, if you are a consumer who loves to purchase your goods online, then you can simply log on to the internet and buy the parts that you need. The fact is that there are a great number of online shops that sell blinds hardware and parts, aside from the wide array of mini blinds. Read More...

Mini Blinds Window Blinds

Wood Blinds - a Drop in Price

 by Jeff King

Discount wood blinds are a really a stroke of good luck for the buyer. The prices are only 25% of what are normally charged. The discount wood blinds come in a variety of widths beginning at 2 and going to 1 inch. The finest hardwood and basswood are used. Express Basswood window blinds come in 5 colors, the American Hardwood is offered in 16 colors and the Designer Basswood has 15 colors. This alternative to more expensive high-grade wood is only $7 more than other unique forms of blinds. Read More...

Mini Blinds Window Blinds

Wood Blinds - A Touch Of Class

 by Susan Fielding

There is nothing more warm and inviting than the look of wooden Venetian blinds adorning a window of any room in your home. In addition to adding ambience, they also provide excellent temperature control and block lighting. Furthermore, with a large variety of colors available, you are really spoilt for... Read More...

Mini Blinds Window Blinds Faux Wood Shutters

Alternatives to Window Blinds for Privacy

 by Vin Domino

Some windows require privacy all of the time; pretty much all windows require privacy some of the time. The challenge is finding a window treatment that meets the need for privacy while complementing the aesthetics of light, draperies and other décor. Read More...

Mini Blinds Window Blinds Curtains and Drapes

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